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We offer 5 primary colors of natural Limestone. Within each type of stone category that we have available, there are subtle nuances between color shades and textures. This uniqueness is one attribute that sets natural limestone apart from manufactured or cultured stone. In order to find the perfect color combination, we allow our customers the flexibility to mix specific color offerings in a single order. Please thoroughly review each color.
Dover Shell
Dover Shell Limestone is one of our most popular colors due to its unique characteristics and wide range of color offerings. The 4 most common shades and textures can be seen in the Dover Shell gallery (It should be noted that each characteristic will likely be found in every order). The fossilized texture and appearance make it one of the most sought after types of Limestone in North America.
Cottonwood Top Ledge (CWTL)
Cottonwood Top Ledge Limestone is very similar to its bottom ledge counterpart. The key differences being a more porous texture and some slight yellowing can be present.
Cottonwood Bottom Ledge (CWBL)
Cottonwood Bottom Ledge Limestone is the lightest and most consistent color that we offer. Its professional appearance makes it a favorite choice for many of our commercial and cut stone projects.
Silverdale Limestone is a tight-grained stone that is very consistent in color. It is often favored when a more established or rustic appearance is desired. Yellow tints are found throughout and are much more common in this type of Limestone.
Dover Grey
Our Dover Grey color line varies from a Light Grey to a Dark Grey (It should be noted that each characteristic will likely be found in every order) Whether light or dark, Dover Grey is a popular choice when unique cut stone is desired. When polished, this Limestone displays elegant marble-type qualities.
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