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•How can I contact Higgins Stone?
   We are available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST via phone, fax and email. Please view our contact page here.
•How long have you been in business?
   32 years
•Do you have a retail store?
   Yes, our retail store is located at:
   407 Miller Dr.
   Wamego, KS 66547
•Do you quarry your stone?
   Yes, we have several quarries throughout Kansas. There is no ‘middle man’ involved in our production cycle.
•How do I get to the main Dover, KS quarry from I-70?
   Exit on Auburn Rd. (#353) – Go South approximately 2 miles to K-4 Hwy – Go West approximately 11 miles on K-4 Hwy to Dover, KS – At the 4-way intersection, go West approximately 3 miles to Massasoit Rd. – Go South on Massasoit Rd. approximately 3 miles and you will arrive at the quarry – Please check-in at the stone scale office on the East side of the road.
•What colors are available?
   Please view our color options here.
•Do you sell custom cut stone?
   Yes, we have the ability to cut our stone to match custom dimensions. Our state-of-the-art equipment also allows us to make very intricate profiles and patterns.
•Do you deliver?
   Yes, we deliver to anywhere in the United States.
•How much stone will I need for my project?
   Our coverage chart can be found here.
•How much does Limestone weigh?
   Approximately 135-155 lbs/Cubic Ft. (Cubic Ft. = LxWxH of the stone, convert to Ft.)
   Please refer to the technical specifications  page for more information on each type of stone.
•How can I set up an account?
   Please call 1-888-456-9880 and we will be happy to assist you.
•Can you send me a sample?
   Please call 1-888-456-9880 and we will be happy to assist you.
•Will Limestone last?
   Limestone is extremely durable and can withstand hundreds of years of exposure to various climate zones. Many ancient pyramids were constructed from limestone blocks and are still standing strong today.
•How do I clean Limestone?
   Dish soap and water is recommended as the most non-invasive approach. For more aggressive situations, Clorox mixed with water can be used. Please test on a non-visible area prior to cleaning.
•Can I use salt on or near Limestone to remove ice, etc.?
   Never use any type of salt near Limestone. Over time it may cause the stone to decay or spall. There are sealers available to help protect Limestone.
•Why should I buy real stone vs. manufactured (fake) stone?
   It is more durable, lasts longer, looks more elegant and is competitively priced with manufactured stone.
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