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Limestone has been the preferred building material for thousands of years due to its durability and unique cosmetic appeal. Our highly sought-after Kansas limestone has been used on several prominent residential and commercial jobs throughout the nation. We produce the standard Full Veneer (4’’+/- 1’’ thick) option and also a Thin Veneer alternative that has a much thinner bed-depth (1"+/- ¼ thick). The Thin Veneer version that we provide should not be perceived as inferior or confused with manufactured stone. It is 100% real limestone that has the same appearance, durability and characteristics as Full Veneer. The popularity of Thin Veneer has grown exponentially in recent years due to the ease of installation. In most cases, the weight advantage eliminates the need for load-bearing walls and other cumbersome obstacles that were previously required with the installation of Limestone. This advantage opens several new possibilities, such as intricate interior projects and more affordable national shipping capabilities (i.e., approximately triple the Sq. Ft. coverage per full truck load). Please review the descriptions below to compare the main characteristics of our Full Veneer and Thin Veneer Stone.  Click Here  to see project pictures of our veneer product line.

***All comparisons are shown in the color of Dover Gray and the pattern of Saw Bed Split Face (SBSF).
Full Veneer
Description: Full-size dimensional stone
  • 4’’+/- 1’’ thick
  • Approximate Weight: 135-155lbs/CF or 50lbs/SF
  • Approximate coverage: 35-40 SF/Ton
  • Sold by the Weight
  • Mainly used in exterior applications
  • Preferred choice when a protruding hand-pitched face is desired
Thin Veneer
Description: Thin stone fabricated by sawing the face of full veneer
  • 1"+/- ¼ thick
  • Approximate Weight: 12.5lbs/SF
  • Approximate coverage: 150-160 SF/Ton
  • Sold by the Square ft.
  • Used in exterior and interior applications
  • Ease of installation
  • Preferred choice when weight is an issue
Thin Veneer Corners
Description: Thin Veneer made specifically for corner applications
  • 90 degree angle on the sawn back side of the stone
  • 6’’-12’’ long with a 2’’-4’’ return
  • Conceals the actual thickness of the veneer stone
  • Maintains consistency with desired pattern throughout corners
  • Used in exterior and interior applications
  • Sold by the Linear ft.
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